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Air Freight

Air freight is the term used to describe all goods that are moved from one airport to another. This transport is carried out by an airline. Air freight is an operation that takes place by means of a transport document for the goods, also known as an air waybill (AWB).

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Ocean Freight

Sea freight, in the transport world, refers to the long-distance transport of most raw materials, whether energy (crude oil, gas, coal, ores) foodstuffs (wheat, soya, etc.), or metals (iron, copper, etc.). The primary purpose of sea freight is to move goods or people by sea, but but it can also involve pre- and post-transportation, from the place of production to the ship or from the ship to the final destination. ship or from the ship to the final destination of the cargo.

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Road Freight

Road transport is a regulated land transport activity. Due to its landlocked nature and the absence of railway lines, road transport is the most used solution for the transportation of goods to certain countries in Central Africa and the various cities of Cameroon. We have strategic partners in transport who are very professional, reliable and very concerned about the delivery time and the safety of the goods that we transport from the ports or the airport to the various destinations.

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Logistics consists of managing the physical flow of products to the end customer (who represents you) in compliance with precise specifications specifications: in the shortest possible time, with the best possible quality of service, while optimising stocks and flows. Our dynamic and experienced team will work with you to find the best solution in terms of time, quality and cost, depending on your needs, quality and cost, depending on the size, weight and destination of all the cities in the country in question.

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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process of declaring an import or export of goods to your state's customs. Customs clearance refers to the procedure that goods must undergo in order to enter or leave a territory legally. This procedure involves carrying out certain formalities and declaring, among other things, the nature of the goods being exported/imported, their value, as well as the identity of the sender and the recipient of the goods. Customs then calculates the amount of any taxes and duties to be paid.

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Customs formalities

In fact, customs formalities are all the declarations and operations to be carried out before, during and after an import or export. Depending on where the "transfer of responsibility" occurs, i.e. the moment when the buyer (who represents you) becomes the owner of the product sold, and depending on the type of transfer, the customs formalities can be very different, but have no fear, because our team will know how to guide you so that everything can happen normally without any risk of incident.

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